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Just beyond the horizon......

I'm super-excited!!  I was talking with someone at work the other day who just recently graduated with a degree in general business.  So I have done some thinking and calculating.  I figured out that if I continue going for a degree in accounting, that it would take me another 50-some more credits.  That would also give me a minor in management.  Well, that's like another two full years.  But if I go in the direction of a degree in general business, it would only take a mere 31 more credits!!!  That's only two SEMESTERS rather than YEARS!  So I'm going to see a counselor on Tuesday to make sure that I've been looking at all of this accurately.  Then I register on Wednesday for the fall semester.  That would be so freakin' awesome if I can graduate after next winter rather than waiting another two  years.  

But my mom had to go and try to ruin my excitement.  She was asking me what I would want to do with my degree and will it give me what I want out of it.  Well I just flat out told her that I would really like to just work my way up in the dealership.  I mean, I've got such a great start, and in a great company, that why should I start all over again?  Like, she's asking me if I've done any research about what I could really do with the general business degree and how much money I could make with it.  I just came right and said that I'm really happy where I'm at right now, I love working in a dealership, and why should I leave it.  I also just told her that I'm looking to see that it's more important for me to be happy with what I'm doing rather than the almighty dollar sign.  I could seriously see myself being in my manager's position.  And I've flat out told Kim that too.  Of course, it could take some time before I get to that ability, but that's where I want to end up at.  I don't care how much money I'm making, as long as I can be happy with what I'm doing.  Yeah, it would be nice to have all the money in the world to support my shopping habit, but what can ya do?  I cannot live my life only working towards the money!

I just want to get done with school and get on with my life!  I'm sick of having that so-called part time position at work.  Leigh made some comment awhile back about her being the full-timer and me being the part-timer.  I believe that there is not much difference in our positions.  Just the whole full vs part time thing.  That seriously bugged me the other day when she said that.  Her position would have been MINE had it not been for my being in school.  Kim told me one day!  She would have loved to give me that position but that she needs someone there between 8-5 all week long.  So for Leigh to make some comment like that, just pissed me off.  Not no mention the fact that I believe that I'm better at our job than Leigh is.  I know my shit a lot better than her.  And today she really aggravated me!  One of our sales guys came in today saying that if a position opened up at work that was a $15 per hour job to let him know because his wife wants out of her job.  He was only joking because obviously there's no such thing in that place.  And I was just like, if a job opened up like that, I would go for it, meaning that his wife wouldn't have a chance, also joking.  Leigh had to speak up saying, no I would be going for it.  Like she's fighting to take over a job that doesn't even exist!  Come on!!  

Okay, I think I'm done bitching now.  I'm just excited about my school!  I cannot wait to see someone next week to make sure that I've figured it all out correctly!  I think I'm gonna go see about getting some grub then go rent a movie.


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