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32 credits left... and counting...

So I just spoke with a counselor about my credits. It turns out that I have a TON of wasted credits. There were numerous generel ed courses that I took at Delta that only transferred as credits, basically. I can't believe I got so freaking screwed up. No wonder its taking me SO FREAKIN LONG TO GET DONE. Okay. I think I'm done screaming now. That just really aggravated me. Now to the good news. I will be done with my degree in 32 CREDITS! YIPPEE! Now I just have to decide how to take those credits. There are two classes that I cannot take yet. One, I'll be taking the prereq this fall. The other class says to take it your last semester (or something to that effect). So I was just looking at the classes I need yet. I have a 2-credit class and then some 3-credit classes. So it's not really dividing up evenly. But if I wanted to get done in two semesters, I'd have to take two semesters with 16 credits each. And looking at the fall semester, the way the credits are, sticking to the 16-per-semester thing, I would end up taking FIVE classes. Ouch! So now I have to decide, do I want to get done in the next year, in the mean time having breakdowns because I overloaded myself, or do I want to strecth it out to a third semester? That would be okay. It's better than needing 45 more credits (or whatever it turned out to be for the accounting part). I don't know. I'm just so ready to be DONE. I can see the end is nearing, yet it still seems so far away. I really wish I had money to take a spring or summer course, then I wouldn't have to worry about whether I'd be overloading myself.

Ahhh, oh well! I'll figure out soon. Especially since I register tomorrow afternoon. Well I gotta go, I've got an exam in 23 minutes.


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