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Why do I even try anymore? Apparently sleep is more important than me....

I just tried calling John. I've barely even talked to the guy lately. I guess it's been more than a week since I've realized that things aren't as great as I may have thought. Last Friday, he decided to stay home and sleep instead of seeing me, so I made other plans. Then last Sunday we were supposed to get together, but I ended up having to take Mom into the hospital and we couldn't even get together for a little while after that all got settled. Then I talked to the guy for a few minutes this past week, nothing too great. Then we talked for a few minutes Friday morning while I was getting ready for work. Nothing was mentioned in the conversation about getting together. Plus, I wasn't in the mood for driving all the way out to his place when he hasn't been to Saginaw since the hockey game we went to how long ago? I decided that if anything was mentioned about getting together that evening that I was going to get him to come to Saginaw, rather than me drive out there. Well, as I said, nothing was even mentioned about doing anything. So I made plans to go to my sister's house. And I also decided that if he called, I'd probably not even answer my phone. Well, I didn't have to worry about that, he never called. So he worked yesterday so I knew I wouldn't talk to him at all then. But I just tried to call him. I'm sitting in the computer lab working on a project and needed to clear my head for a minute so I stepped outside. I figured I'd call him, talk for a few minutes, see if we can actually have a conversation. Well, apparantly, I woke him up. Instead of actually talking to me, he's all like, can I call you back later?

Whatever! I'm getting really sick of feeling like I'm not important to the guy. I'm sorry, but we've only been dating for, what, a month maybe! And already he doesn't want to do anything. And here he said he's not afraid of making any committments. Well, apparently he doesn't even know how to COMMUNICATE. I've already decided I'd just pay my sister for the OZZFEST ticket and not even worry about asking him for the money. That way if we go our separate ways (which it looks like we are) I won't have to give him his money back. I'll just find someone else to take to the concert.

Okay, sorry, I just really needed to bitch for a second. God, I'm so ready to experience a different group of guys!! As in, guys that don't live in Michigan. Which means that I'm ready to experience life outside of lovely Saginaw, Mich. There's so much to this world! Why must I stick to Saginaw?!?!? Which, as soon as I graduate, I would really love to see about moving away from here. I'm sick of it!!!!


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Apr. 10th, 2006 12:46 am (UTC)
I completely agree hun, I mean, if he can't take a few moments to appreciate the 'GREATNESS THAT IS MANDY', then f*ck him! You dont need that in your life, you need someone who will worship you:-) This guy obviosly has no idea how great he coulda had it! What an idiot!!
I TOTALLY agree about a different class of guys, I think me, you, and Andre should all move somewhere warm, with a great law school (for Andre) and lovely tan boys (for us!) :-)
Coming soon in 2007 lol :-D
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