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Apr. 13th, 2006

OMG, I'm so excited!  I finally got to hear from JJ.  Robin called me Tuesday evening telling me that she got a phone call from NC and that he had his own phone now.  YIPPEE.  I can finally call the guy whenever I want!!!  I talked to him that evning for, like, 40 minutes.  It was so great.  I absolutely love hearing his voice!!  God, I've missed him so much.  It really feels like we're so far apart, especially when I can't talk to the guy.  But now that I've got a way that I can get ahold of him, I feel like we're a little bit closer.  He's just a phone call away now:-D  So I've been floating on a complete high ever since Tuesday night.  That was absolutely the best part about that day, besides getting a mani/pedi:-)  That was the most relaxing thing I've done in a REALLY long time.  Then that evening wasn't so great when I went to econ, ready to do my presentation, when this chick decided that she now wants to do her part in the presentation.  So we had to meet last night, she, of course, was 15 minutes late.  So instead of getting to hang out at Robin's house like I enjoy doing on my one evening a week that I don't have school or work, I had to come to the flippin' lab.  Oh well, we're done now and we were able to add quite a bit more.  

But Robin & I are now trying to convice JJ to come visit us in July, so he can come along to OZZFEST.  Seeing as how things are not going so great with John, I want to take someone else.  I'd really like to invite someone I want there, rather than Robin or Jamie finding someone.  So it would be absolutely fantastic if JJ could come to town, even if only for a couple days to go to the concert.  We all would have a fabulous time!!

I'm so ready for school to be done and over with.  I'm ready to start my summer vacay.  But I've only got two more class sessions for two of my classes & one more for my other class and then just my exams for all three classes.  God, I can't wait for it all to be done & over with.

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