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Mar. 23rd, 2006

So not much is going on.... Same shit different day......  Class this morning, which included an exam, and me skipping my first class to prepare for said exam.  I should have studied for it last night, but I just couldn't.  After working all day, I went to B&N to attempt to study.  Yeah, attempt is the right word.  I had so much trouble keeping my eyes open, all I wanted to do was sleep.    

So I think I'm done rambling now.  Just a bunch of rambling thoughts, not sure where I was going with any of it! 

Finally INDEPENDENT and going to OZZFEST

YAY!  I'm so flippin' excited!!  I just finished prossessing my FAFSA information for the next school year.  They finally see me as being an INDEPENDENT! at least in terms for financial aid.  See, even though I've technically been independent, for tax purposes, the federal government for school funding has seen me as being DEPENDENT.   What all of this means is that for the past 5 years that I've been in school, I have had to include my mother's income information, even though I get zero education support from her.  It has pissed me off every single year because I hate that the government requires me to include information regarding a person that is unable to fund my education.  It has severely affected the amount of money I receive each year.  And for the past three years I have had to deal with student loans that barely cover tuition and books.  But this year, at one point the FAFSA said that they consider me to be independent and am not required to enter a parent's information.  That is the BEST news ever!  I know that by the time the next school year begins I will be 24, which means that I have met the age requirement to receive a federal PELL grant.  If I could get some of that grant money, it would help me out tremendously when it comes time to pay back my student loans!

So in other news, things are going really well between John and me.  I got to see him for a few hours this past Wednesday.  That was pretty great.  Without going into any great detail, I had a really nice time with him.  And let's just say that my 6-month dry spell has officially ended.   I hope I get to see him tonight for a little bit.  He decided to pick up an overtime shift so he won't be getting home until 8 this evening.  Plus he's got to be back to work in the morning at 7, so I don't want to keep him up all night since he's got to be back to work so early.  If he worked any other job, lacking sleep would not be an issue, but I really do not want to be responsible for him going to work, having to go out on fire runs and whatnot.  Anyway, I'm just excited to have someone around again.  It's been a REALLY long time since I've had a boyfriend.  We haven't had any discussions regarding our relationship, but I think we're really heading in the direction of being exclusive.  Even though I don't exactly have anyone else I'm seeing.  

So my sister just called and she just got our tickets to OZZFEST!!!!!!  It's JULY 19th.  They're in row XX, which would put us in 50!  But still, like Robin said, it means our ASSES are sitting in seats rather than sitting on the damn grass.  And should it rain, we'll be dry!  But we were able to get all 4 seats together.  I guess a couple years ago when she went, they weren't able to get all their tickets together and had one seat here and another over there.  So this time we're all together.  Wow, I'm so excited!!!  That means that we've got 4 months, from tomorrow, for the show.  

Well, I suppose I should go.  I've got a paper to write plus another assignment for another class........

So distracted........

So yeah, I'm sitting in the computer lab at school right now, supposed to be writing an econ paper.  Yeah, I really do not want to do it!  It sucks.  I've got major writer's block, with a shot of procrastination.  I'm not interested in wanting to write this thing, so I decided to come here for a few.  Luckily I don't have to write this entire paper; it's a group thing.  But one person in the group has written, like, 3.5 pages of our 5 page paper.  So yeah, I want to do good on my portion, since his was really good, but have no interest in doing it!  Not to mention the fact that I'm distracted from it.  Someone's using the scanner right now and every couple minutes you hear the damn thing rescanning.  IT'S ANNOYING AS HELL.  Plus I'm really hungry.  My mom, Robin, Tyler, and I went to Old Country Buffet for breakfast this morning, but I wasn't really hungry yet so I didn't eat a whole lot.  Plus that was at 8:30 this morning and it is now after 3.  So we were on our way to my mom's church and the worst thing happened.  

So I'm hungry, and have this weird pain shooting through my shoulder, have absolutely zero interest in writing this paper, plus I keep seeing images of those cars during the impact.  Yeah, way to be distracted here!  Not to mention the fact that I keep thinking about John.  I wish I could see him today but, of course, he's working and won't get out until 7 tomorrow morning.  But he said that he was going to call me today if he was able to.  So maybe I'll get the chance to talk to him even though he's working.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see:-)


So tonight was really great:-)  Even though my day didn't start out so great.  I woke up this morning not feeling so great.  I really think it was the nerves.  They were kicked into high gear for sure!  But my stomach settled down during the day.  I had to work, of course, because it was Saturday.  I came right home and gave myself a quick manicure, just making sure they looked nice & then covered with clear polish.  Then got ready and John came to pick me up around 5:30, as planned.  My mom came home shortly after I got home from work.  She asked me about our plans and I told her about him coming here and everything.  And it came up about whether she was going to get to meet him or not.  I told her that I'd rather not go through that.  I mean, tonight was only the third time we'll have seen each other.  So, even though she teased me about it, she did say that I was no longer 16 so she was fine with it.  Even though she told my sister that as soon as he got here I flew out the door.  I just really don't think it was necessary to put him through a parental meeting at the moment.  

I talked to KEITH!

Yay! I'm so excited! I actually got to talk to Keith today, a real, live, phone converstaion! I've known the guy for almost 7 years and here this is the very first time we've ever talked on the phone! He's invited me to his wedding, I bought him a wedding present, and another present for his new baby. Yet for some reason we never talked on the phone! So I was talking to him the other day and brought it up and he didn't know why we never talked either. So I got his number from his signature in emails and called him today. He teased me about my 'accent' although I don't think I have one! At one point he said I sound like a VALLEY GIRL. I couldn't believe it! I'm, like, a VALLEY GIRL?!? Are you kidding me? We only talked for 15 minutes or so, but it was good to actually talk to the man. And I love his voice too! There is a bit of an accent, if that's what you could call it. I can't really explain it, but I loved it nonetheless. But I love his sense of humor so I didn't take offense to the Valley Girl comment, I just was kind of shocked. I can't say I ever thought I sounded like one! Oh well, I gave him my number and he said he'd call. This guy is HOT though. I really wish we lived closer. I especially wished that when he was single. Of course, he's married now, but man, I have to say I would have loved to have hooked up with him though!

Oh well, I'm super-excited about meeting John, and seeing where that's going to go!

Mar. 9th, 2006

So I'm seeing John again today!!  I got online as soon as I got up.  I sent him an email yesterday to see if he wanted to go to a Spirit game Saturday because I was able to get tickets.  So I wanted to see if he'd written me back.  Not only had he written me back, but he was also online!  So we got to talking and he said he was coming to Saginaw today anyways and that we should do lunch.  So since I don't have to be to work til after 2, I figured why not?  I've been wanting to see him anyway.  So I'm really excited about our date on Saturday.  We had talked about doing something and when I was able to get a couple tickets to the game, I was all excited!  I wanted to call him right then but I knew he was at work.  There's only one downfall to the game - Leigh is going to be there.  Any other time I wouldn't care less that she were there, but now that I'm actually bringing a date, I dunno.  I'm still getting to know the guy, is either of us ready to be introducing each other to our friends?  I dunno - all I do know is that I'm excited to be seeing him and that I actually have a DATE.  Hehehe.

Last night was really fun.  Crystal, Chris and I were able to hang out.  I'm sure it's the last time we'll be able to get together before his wedding, especially since it's, like, two months.  Anyway, the three of us went to dinner at Pizza Hut - yum by the way!  Then he wanted to hit a couple stores.  Then the three of us went to meet his dad at Retro Rocks for a drink.  The first thing I had was just a cranberry Mike's Hard Lemonade.  Then Chris's dad got to talking to the bartender and the guy made us these super-cool drinks!  I had a pineapple martini.  It was great!  I loved it!

So that's about all that's going on during my spring break.  It would be great to go somewhere tropical for the break, especially since it's really gloomy today - even though its supposed to be pushing 50.

I need to go.  He could be here at any time!


So I think I just had a date.....

Yeah, you read that right.  You could say I just had a date today.  I've been talking to this guy, John, for a couple weeks now and we decided to meet up.  We just went to the Midland mall (because I honestly hadn't met the guy in person yet) and got lunch (which he bought:-)) And then we just kind of wandered through the mall, talking and getting to know each other better.  He's 25, a firefighter, lives on his own (which is most definitely a plus at this moment).  It's still really early to tell whether there will/could be something there.  The last blind date I went on, I didn't feel any chemistry while on the date and never gave the guy a chance.  Yet now I'm kicking myself because we talk online every so often but he lives in Minnesota now and I never gave the guy a true chance.  So I'm definitely going to give this guy a chance.  Obviously this time around I'm not involved with anyone else, which caused me to not give that guy a chance before.  So I'll give the guy a call sometime.

It feels good to have actually been around a guy for once, and with the possibility that there could be more.  It seems that the guys I do meet lately are already with someone, so there's no chance, ya know?  But I even had butterflies in my stomach on my way to meet him today, which is a good sign!  I could barely even eat anything too.  We got chinese so I just got orange chicken with some noodles.  It was good, but because I was so damn nervous I didn't enjoy it as I normally would.

So things are looking up!  I'm excited.  It's been far too long since anything has gone good for me, when it comes to guys.  I like that John has his head on his shoulders, I really don't want a guy that doesn't know what he wants to do with his life.  But John was saying that he grew up in a firehouse, so it was just basically the chosen path for him.  So it's good to hear that he's doing something he enjoys.  

Nothing else has been going on.  I've officially been on spring break since Thursday, when classes got cancelled due to the stupid snow.  That day was a pretty good day.  I ended up going out to class because it hadn't been closed yet.  Just before 11, a guy came into class saying that he had just past by a couple people that said campus was closed.  So the prof went to check on it, and sure enough, campus was closing at 11:30.  So we finished up with class, I went to the tanner, got lunch and then went back home for awhile before going into work.  I've been enjoying going to the tanner.  I'm seeing that I'm getting some color now.  I've gone and spoiled myself by using the ultra tanning bed. It's bigger and has a facial on it.  It's great!

Well, I'm off.  Have a great Sunday!

It's crazy how a song can take you back.  It's really weird how the first few strings of a special song can make you feel - heart starts racing, a sense of light-headedness.  Songs can be a reminder of both good and bad times.  Sometimes, I hear a song, and just wish that I could turn the times backwards a little, back to a time when life was simple and free, back to a time when yeah, I was a little naive.  To a time when I wasn't stressed about guys.  I hate how life has to change sometimes.  In a way, I kind of wish I could go back to high school.  It may not have been my happiest time, but I didn't have so many worries that I have now.  Like today, I had to do my taxes.  It was honestly the first time I had done it all on my own.  But I used TurboTax online (the free file) and it walked me through pretty much everything on my own.  It was kind of frustrating because I wanted the damn education credit, but for some damn reason, SVSU was not one of the schools listed.  That took away $400 in a refund I thought I was getting.  But overall I'm getting almost $900 back!  I've got to pay a crapload to the city cuz I never had that deducted from my paycheck.  Oh well, I'm now having that deducted so next year I won't have to.

If I could turn time back, even if it was only a couple years, I think I would choose to.  I would even choose to go back to working at Watson's, only because of the people I worked with.  Yes, they would be men I'm talking about here:-)  I liked getting to see these guys on a regular basis.  I liked my life at that time - even if I hadn't moved out on my own yet.  Life was good for me when I was working there and going to Delta.  There's only a few things I like about my life at the moment.  First of all, I've got the greatest friend in the world in lunagurl21, she's the greatest.  I don't konw where I'd be without her!  Second of all, I like my job now, even if I could turn back to the pages to work for the other dealership.  My boss depends on me, and it's a great feeling.  She's told me numourous times that she couldn't work without me.  I've got this knack for details that she likes.  Just name any customer and I can tell you everything we've had to deal with them.  It's something I hope I don't lose.

I don't know why I've gotten so contemplative tonight.  I should be working on homework right now.  I've got an econ exam on Tuesday that I haven't begun studying for (yeah, I know, HUGE surprise there!)  But I'm listening to Yahoo! Music right now and some really old songs are playing that just got me to thinking about things I've experienced in my 23 years.  I've both gained and lost love, friends, and family.  I guess I can't complain too much about the direction my life has taken.  It's solely up to me to decide where I'm going with my life.  Right now, I would love to be done with school and get out of Michigan.  I would love to be able to spread my wings and experience a new way of life, a new city, new surroundings, meet new people.  

I'm ready to experience something else.....

Sorry! I tried to do an LJ cut, but the damn thing didn't work! 1. How tall are you barefoot? 5'5, i'm short! 

2. Have you ever smoked weed? no, but there sure were a lot of people doing that at the concert last night!! 

3. Do you own a gun? yeah right

4. Rehab? never needed it

5. Would you ever "do" someone in their parents bed? probably!!

6. What do you think of hot dogs? not too bad

7. What's your favorite Christmas song? I dunno, too many!

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? orange juice or any kind of energy drink

9. Do you do push-ups? yeah right!

10. Have you ever done ecstasy? nope, no interest

11. Are you vegan? lol, I don't think so.  I love everything that comes from an animal way too much!

12. Do you like painkillers? I dunno, never really had any hard-core kind.

13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? I'm not so sure I've got a secret weapon!

14. Do you own a knife? I don't like weapons

15. Do you have A.D.D.? not officially, but I probably could easily be diagnosed! 

16. Do you love the pain a tattoo brings? Honestly, mine didn't hurt too bad.  Only when I could really feel the needle on bone

17. Top 3 thoughts at this exact moment:
- - - 1. My desire to sleep
- - - 2. This phone needs to stop ringing!
- - - 3. Spring break officially starts for me in exactly one week:-D

18. Name the last 3 things you have bought:
- - - 1. A VIP tanning package 
- - - 2. OC seasons 1 & 2
- - - 3. tanning lotion

19. Name five drinks you regularly drink.
- - - 1. Sobe
- - - 2. Sprite
- - - 3. mocha fraps
- - - 4. DP
- - - 5. water

20. What time did you wake up today? alarm went off @ 8, but didn't crawl out of bed til 9:30!

21. Current hair? my natural - dark brown, straight, really thick

22. Current worry? Gotta get my taxes done!

23. Current hate? the fact that I can't be in bed sleeping right now!

24. Favorite place to be? my bed

25. Least favorite place to be? school

26. Where would you like to go? where should I start? RIght now, Charlotte NC!!

27. What do you wear when you go to sleep? a tshirt & pj pants or shorts

28. What do you think you'll be doing in 5 years? god, I have no clue - I'm just trying to get through the current year! 

29. Do you burn or tan? usually just tan, but I may have burned myself a tad today in the tanner

30. Last thing you ate? a cream cheese brownie - so delicious, but sweet!

31. Would you be a pirate? I'd rather be with a pirate (Hello Jack Sparrow!!)

32. Last time you had an alcoholic drink? this past saturday - a Killian's

33. What songs do you sing in the shower? I don't think I really sing, I'm usually just wrapped up in my own thoughts

34. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child? I don't remember anything

35. What's in your pockets right now? chapstick!

36. Last thing that made you laugh? probably last night - hanging out with Crystal, at the concert!

37. Best bed sheets you had as a child? umm, probably the red & black sets.  I had a comforter that was black on one side & red on the other, then two different sets of sheets, one of each color

38. Worst injury you've ever had? I've been lucky & haven't had anything worse than pulled muscles or twisted ankles

39. What are your dreams like? uhh, weird & different

40. How many TVs do you have in your house? 3

41. Who is your loudest friend? loud? lol, not sure! 

42. Who is your most silent friend? uhh i dunno

43. Does someone have a crush on you? I have no clue - probably not!

44. Do you wish on stars? yeah, sometimes

45. What is your favorite book? I've got way too many to list!

46. What is your favorite candy? anything chocolate

47. What song do you want played at your wedding? HA I have no clue

48. What song do you want played at your funeral? again, no clue

49. What were you doing 12AM last night? Driving, trying to stay awake, with Crystal coming home from COLDPLAY:-)

50. Do you still talk to the person who "took" your virginity from you? HAHAHA, yeah, I don't think so.


Yay!  The concert is tomorrow!!  I'm so excited.  It's going to be such a blast:-)

So, I just gotta say, Buyers beware when buying from eBay.  A week or two ago, I purchased seasons 1& 2 of THE OC.  I was so excited to have found both seasons for quite a bit less than if I were to buy them in the store.  Yeah, well I guess I got my money's worth.  The seller told me they were being shipped from the factory, she just didn't say where this factory was located.  Yeah, it was in CHINA.  Yeah, that's right, CHINA.  All the postage is Chinese (like, relating to their heritage and whatnot) and the return address is written in flipping Chinese!  So I opened the package, knowing full well that it was going to be my DVDs.  I hadn't ordered anything else.  So I open it up and each season looks the same - same colors, same pictures & whatnot.  But there is English writing along with Chinese.  So I have no flipping clue whether these damn things will work here or not.  I still haven't opened them from the shrink wrap because I've filed a claim with ebay & paypal.  Nowhere in the ebay ad did it mention that they thing was coming from CHINA or anything.  I'm most likely going to return them if at all possible.  But, I figured that I'll send them back to the seller (whose Colorado address I have) and waste my shipping sending it here.  I'd have to pay a buttload of money to ship it to China if I knew the address to send it to.  Yeah, I'm quite pissed about it.  I've already sent a message to the seller about it, letting her know that I'm mad and it was never mentioned in the ad about it coming from across seas.  She has yet to get back with me:-(

So just a word to the wise.  Be careful what you buy online.  I never thought these things would be coming from anywhere foreign.  I know that many DVDs and electronics that were produced overseas do not work here in the great old US.  But I don't want to open these things even to test them out in case I'd be able to return them.  Opening the packages could just void the possibility of return.  

My class tonight just did not want to end.  I was going insane!  The teacher seemed to want to say absolutely everything he could about our monetary system.  Yeah, not so fun.  But the fun thing about the class was that I kept talking to the two guys I sit between.  Yeah, they're both hott.  Yep, Crystal, two Ts.  I hope I was able to turn on the charm a little.  It was fun flirting with both of them, even though I know for sure one has a girlfriend.  He mentioned her twice tonight.  The other guy, Craig, I'm not so sure about.  We were talking about spring break plans and he said he wasn't doing anything because he had just gone on a cruise for a friend's wedding.  But he never said anything specific about whether he had a girlfriend along or not.  So maybe there's hope!  Who knows, especially who knows whether I'd grow enough balls to ask him out if I knew he was single.

Well, that's all for now.  Peace:-)